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Basic cycle touring trip

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Basic cycle touring trip

Сообщение admin » 20 май 2010, 06:16

Basing in Odessa – Chernomorka boarding house.
The route of the trip: to the Danube plavni and back, with overnight accommodation at a boarding house by the trip route. Every day trip distance is about 30 – 50 kilometers.

Belgorod – Dnestrovsky – a small town with population over 50 thousands people is 90 kilometers distance from Odessa, on the bank of the Dniester estuary. One of the oldest cities in the world recently celebrated its 2500th anniversary. Its outstanding historical ancient monuments and relics, rich with historical events and covered with legends history attract many tourists every year. Sergeevka settlement. Lebedevka settlement. Primorskoe settlement at the Shagan Lake. The other Primorskoe, which is at Kilia, another ancient town of the area. Danube plavni – an area of virgin nature, a unique flora and fauna of preserved nature of the planet.
2 days in Primorskoe and excursions along Danube plavni, dipping into old traditions atmosphere and tasting a special dish – Danube fish soup.

Vilkovo. The area is 460 square kilometers. A river area, which is full of small and big islands that no one can say how many of them there. It is in fact, a town with the population of 10 thousand people and where you can still hear Russian language of “before Peter’s period”. Vilkovo is called by local - ”an Odessa’s Venice”.
The old part of the town is situated on the water. Canals are instead of streets and people use boats as transport. It’s a 0 – point of the Danube River and the Black sea junction. It is a gate of reserved area and the border with Romania.

The way back. One variant is the way through Tatarbunary, Zholtyy Yar, Veselaya balka, Tuzla and Bazarianka.
Or the other way is directly to Kurortnoe. This route is being tested.
Zatoka. Karolino-Bugaz.
Ilyichevsk, along the river crossing. Aleksandrovka and Odessa.
Route distance 500 kilometers.
Tour duration is 15 – 20 days.
The accommodation price at the boarding house is from 15 to 20 dollars (in Odessa) per day.
Bicycle rent:
10 dollars a day for a route trip:
30 dollars a day – ride a bicycle about Odessa.

Tour price:
400 dollars for one person for 15 days tour:
500 dollars for one person for 20 days tour.

The tour opening is approximately the 1st of June.
The route distance, the roads, overnight stops are still being tested.
The changes are possible up to cardinal one.
Now different variants of routes are under work in different ways about ”the Pearl Necklace of Odessa” with a shorter distance and duration cycling routes.

Keep up with the cycling tour news by the links on the web pages:
Odessa News and Advertisment board of of VesyelyiMakler http://veseliymakler.com/new/
Or feed http://veseliymakler.com/new/index.php? ... d&type=rss
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