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Potapov. I

To the Guests of Hero-City Odessa

Translated by Roman Mysak

   You should not start getting to know Odessa just trusting to what you see. Dont try to catch our city rhythm. Dont hurry up; you are not late yet anywhere. You have to get used to the leisurely commotion of the city streets, slow nervousness of the traffic jam, and a special charm of Odessa inhabitants and free and easy efficiency of our ladies.

   You should stop at the crossing of streets and breath that various waves of Odessa air.

   Dont interfere into unknown life and try to catch the essence of Odessa.

   Hear not the sounds of klaxons, but the ringing silence between them.

   Dont mind the roar of surf and catch the sound of moment when wave crest has already gained its strength, but stands still in a second silence getting ready to bring down its power. Dont try to understand unclear mumbling of some later reveler, but feel the silence before a storm tat waits for him when he comes back home.

   Listen not to the sound of preparation knives on the Privoz bazaar, but peer into passing images appearing and then cut down with the knives.

   Walk by the slanging of chess gourmets on Sobornaya Square and hear the look of Vorontsovskyy from his high pedestal. Take a good look at the silhouette of the Opera House, hold with your look on the hand of the Katherine, greet the Duke and push off from the glassy Sea Business Center and go on down to the sparkling giant of the hotel at the Seaport.

   Look into the chapel and fix your impression of our city with a tumbler of Gambrinus at the same name bar in Deribasovskaya, the place covered with glory of Kuprin and Sasha - musician.

   Breathe the morning fresh breeze, roll over on the slab of Lanzheron and having enjoyed the promenade of evening Arcadia, open your ears and hearts to Odessa and it will honor you.